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We have made a selection for you from our wide variety of brands. Be sure to have a look at our bestsellers in order to make your search easier. In case you are looking for another brand, do not hesitate to contact us.

SOL’S has very often been considered a trail-blazer in terms of style, creativity, innovation and that ‘certain something’ that makes its products stand out, all of which add true value the brand. Its collections suit business, work, leisure, sports and promotional wear for women, men and kids.
Proact is present on all fields with its multsport range. Teamwear with a full collection for “training sessions, competitions and outings”. Individual sports with specific collections for golf, tennis, running, cycling… Full outfits for ladies, men and kids.
KARIBAN restyled the usual promotional textiles for both business and casual wear. Tailored cuts, attention to details, wide color palette and items for women, men and kids.
B&C is a Belgian brand with a wide range of work wear, promotion, fashion and retail, sports and leisure for women, men and kids. B&C is known for its wide range of colors and a whole set of timeless and new products.
Russell has a wide range for business, work, leisure or promotional wear. Russell has grown to become one of the sector’s best clothing brands. They are constantly innovating, developping and refining new products.
Looking for qualitative sustainable garment to customize? Eager to create your brand? Choose for the brand Stanley/Stella. Quality, durability and comfort are part of Stanley/Stella’s DNA. PAS is one of the first official dealers for Stanley & Stella. From the very beginning this brand has been part our collection.
TEE JAYS creates high quality clothes for fashionable men and women. Clothes that are rich in detail and comfortable to wear. They invest in there products and spare no effort in fine-tuning each unique style and getting their inspiration from around the world.
The Canadian brand Gildan plays with colours and offers comfortable basic products for women, men and kids at competitive prices. Specially for Europe they have designed the “Softstyle” range to meet the demands of this market in terms of size and fabric.

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